Phylum Mollusca 軟體動物門

Class Gastropods 腹足綱

Family Camaenidae 南亞蝸牛科

Scientific name Amphidromus sumatranus

Chinese name

Author (Martens,1864)

Size 21.61, 23.05, 24.66, 24.82, 25.12 & 27.9mm

Description Specimen taken from 780 meters altitude of Mt. Hulumayus, North Lampung, South Sumatra, Indonesia. 27th January, 2016.

A slender, highly polished, smooth shell with a highly variable color pattern. Basically, the color pattern consists of two brown basal bands and a yellow background, with one or two white spiral bands with brown spots.


More detail photo, please click the following PICTURE.


Amphidromus sumatranus 21.61 to 27.9mm

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