Phylum Mollusca 軟體動物門

Class Gastropods 腹足綱

Family Camaenidae 南亞蝸牛科

Scientific name Amphidromus latestrigatus

Chinese name

Author Schepman, 1892

Size 38.38mm

Description (Brown form), Found on short trees and assorted bushes from Central Sumba Island, Eastern Indonesia. February, 2015.

Many color variations, 3 of this species have been named. Typically they are rather easily separable, but enough intergrading individuals have been found to show that they are variants of one species.

Typical latestrigatus has broad radial flame-like markings and a roseate aperture (Sumba).

Variety sumbaensis Fulton, 1896, usually has the flame markings partially forked above and very irregular and obscured on the lower whorls. Often it is very difficult to separate sumbaensis and latestrigatus.

Variety consobrinus Fulton, 1897, from south Flores, has the color pattern reduced to one or two spiral bands on later whorls, with the lip and apical patches red. All forms have been found on Sumba, but only consobrinus on Flores.


More detail photo, please click the following PICTURE.


Amphidromus latestrigatus 38.38mm

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