Phylum Mollusca 軟體動物門

Class Gastropods 腹足綱

Family Camaenidae 南亞蝸牛科

Scientific name Amphidromus semifrenatus

Chinese name

Author von Martens, 1900

Size 28.8mm

Description Solid color form, Aceh. North Sumatra. Indonesia.

The color pattern shows affinities to both porcellanus and sumatranus, but A. semifrenatus differs by having a narrow black or brown band that winds around the insertion of the columella and is continued into the aperture above the columellar insertion. Several color varieties have been described but not named, and many shells cannot be fitted into any of the listed variations. Specimens from Atjeh, Sumatra (CNHM 72388), have prominent flames on the upper whorls that disappear below. (Laidlaw & Solem 1961)

Reference materials (參考資料)

Amphidromus semifrenatus von Martens, 1900, Nachr, Malak. Gesell., 32: 8-9—Deli, North Sumatra;

Pilsbry, 1900, Man. Conch., (2), 13: 219-220;

Vernhout, 1913 (part). Notes Leyden Mus., 35: 164-155, figs. 1-2;


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Amphidromus semifrenatus 28.8mm

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