Phylum Mollusca 軟體動物門

Class Gastropods 腹足綱

Family Camaenidae 南亞蝸牛科

Scientific name Amphidromus inconstans

Chinese name

Author (Fulton,1898)

Size 28.35,  29.34,  29.66,  30.17,  31.14,  31.27,  31.97,  32.66 mm

Description Alor Island, Island off East Flores. Indonesia. March. 2014.


A relatively small (29-38 mm. high) shell with white or brown apex and with the early whorls quite variable in coloring. The basic inconstans pattern has four spiral brown bands on the last whorl, the upper two of square chestnut-colored spots, the lower two either continuous or also interrupted into spots.

It differs from contrarius in lacking the callus nodule; from laevus in having brown, not orange, bands (when bands are present); and from reflexilabris in having a simple lip.


More detail photo, please click the following LINK PICTURE.


Amphidromus inconstans 28.35 to 32.66mm

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